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Bespoke Hampers


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Public Holidays

Dont forget birthdays, anniversaries and just about any excuse to throw a party and receive a gift YOURSELF!




1st- New Year's Day

16th-Martin Luther King Day

28-30th- Lunar New Year



14th- Valentines Day




17th-St Patrick's Day

26th-Mothe'rs Day


9th-Palm Sunday

11th- Pesach (Passover)

14th Good Friday

16th- Easter Sunday

17th-Easter Monday



1st- Bank Holiday

27th- Ramadan

29th- Bank Holiday

31st - Shauvout (Pentecost)



4th - Penecost

18th- Fathers Day

24th-Armed Forces Day



4th American Independence Day



29th- Bank Holiday



21st- Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

30th- Yom Kippour (Day of Atonement)



5th-Succot (Tabernacles)




12th- Rememberance Sunday




25th- Christmas Day

26th- Boxing Day




The Gift Queen 2017

Bespoke Hampers


Hampers or gift baskets can come in various shapes or sizes to suit your budget. We can use beautiful gift boxes to display your selected items and then add printed ribbon and a bow. These boxes are reusable sources of storage that the reciepient can use again and again. You can choose the containers, colours and leave the final design to us. The options are endless but no two bespoke hampers are ever the same.


We are passionate about finding and designing unique beautiful gift creations just for you or your recipient. Each container or packaging for your hamper or gift set is carefully selected and designed to suit the selection of items and beautifully gift wrapped.


We can also personalise the outside of the container with the name of the recipient, and also print their name or occasion on the ribbon for finishing touches. The options are almost endless. No two gift sets are ever the same!


For an inexpensive option, you can choose a selection of inexpensive items with one or two expensive items and a plain display hamper box, which after wrapping will be just as beautiful and stunning. For more information, contact us with your requiremnets.



For gifts in any season, for any reason,

we are ... AT YOUR SERVICE!



Choose from a Selection of Items


Tell us about the special occasion. Is it a for a girl, boy, man or woman?

What did you have in mind for them? What is your budget?


Prices start from only £25 (including packaging)

Choose Your Container




Would you like a basket, a box with lid or a special gift bag?


Please note, we will advise on the size of the container to fit your gift selection. The more generous the container, the better the presentation.

We Add the Finishing Touches


What's the person's favourite colour?

Do you have a pereference or would you like to leave the finishing touches to our creative imagination?