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Public Holidays

Dont forget birthdays, anniversaries and just about any excuse to throw a party and receive a gift YOURSELF!




1st- New Year's Day

16th-Martin Luther King Day

28-30th- Lunar New Year



14th- Valentines Day




17th-St Patrick's Day

26th-Mothe'rs Day


9th-Palm Sunday

11th- Pesach (Passover)

14th Good Friday

16th- Easter Sunday

17th-Easter Monday



1st- Bank Holiday

27th- Ramadan

29th- Bank Holiday

31st - Shauvout (Pentecost)



4th - Penecost

18th- Fathers Day

24th-Armed Forces Day



4th American Independence Day



29th- Bank Holiday



21st- Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

30th- Yom Kippour (Day of Atonement)



5th-Succot (Tabernacles)




12th- Rememberance Sunday




25th- Christmas Day

26th- Boxing Day




The Gift Queen 2017

Gift Giving Ideas

Throughout the year, there are lots of opportunities to give and receive lovely gifts, for private celebrations or for national holidays and events. Taking part means you create precious memories by which to tell the story of your life. Being loved and appreciated or showing love and appreciation enhances our lives and those around us. A gift can represent a token of love and appreciation that preserves memories for someone's lifetime or to remember loved ones. Whether expensive or inexpensive, its the thought that counts. Let us help you make that thought more memorable!


Gift Selections

We specialise in creating gift sets to suit different people. Be it, men, women, children, dinner party hosts or corporate clients. We obtain a profile of the person from the client and then go to work to create the gift around thier recipient. For the complete gifting experience, we also provide other essentials like greeting cards and balloons. Please mention if you would like us to provide this in your free consultation.


Gift Gallery

Browse some of our past creations for inspiration or dream up creations of your own.



Our Favourite Brands

We are constantly scouring trade exhibitions, shops and the internet for new and unusual gift ideas and packaging. Check out some our favourite brands. We welcome your ideas and brands that help the art gifting a wonderful experience.

Our Newsletter (Coming Soon)

Stay in touch with our gift ideas newletter and come with us on our journeysof exploration. If a gift idea appeals to you, save it for your next opportunity to make someone smile. Never be left wondering what gift to give to that someone who has everthing!


Special Occassions Calendar

If you have ever forgotten a special occasion or had to find a gift in very short notice, our calendar will be a useful tool to ease the anxiety and keep you organised. Frequently visit our website for updated versions.