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Public Holidays

Dont forget birthdays, anniversaries and just about any excuse to throw a party and receive a gift YOURSELF!




1st- New Year's Day

16th-Martin Luther King Day

28-30th- Lunar New Year



14th- Valentines Day




17th-St Patrick's Day

26th-Mothe'rs Day


9th-Palm Sunday

11th- Pesach (Passover)

14th Good Friday

16th- Easter Sunday

17th-Easter Monday



1st- Bank Holiday

27th- Ramadan

29th- Bank Holiday

31st - Shauvout (Pentecost)



4th - Penecost

18th- Fathers Day

24th-Armed Forces Day



4th American Independence Day



29th- Bank Holiday



21st- Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

30th- Yom Kippour (Day of Atonement)



5th-Succot (Tabernacles)




12th- Rememberance Sunday




25th- Christmas Day

26th- Boxing Day




The Gift Queen 2017



If you want to buy the perfect gift for that special person, you need to know a few things about the person. What is the person interested in? (their personality, hobbies aspirations)


Giving the perfect gift, is an art form. It shows the person that when they were telling you about themselves and their life, that:


  1. You listened
  2. You understand them
  3. You care about them


Once you know the person’s interests, you can shop smarter and have a much better chance of getting that perfect gift that says “I picked this gift only for you” Your thoughtful, carefully selected gift will speak volumes and you will be surprised at your recipient’s reaction.


The Gift Queen hampers and gift sets make wonderful gifts, especially for the person who has everything. It can be made uniquely for any person for any theme, occasion or for any reason. Our experienced team of expert buyers discerningly scour the high streets, local and international trade shows and online to find you unusual, appropriate and good quality design-led gifts. We thoughtfully select and assemble the range the items, beautifully gift-wrapped in your choice of container and packaging for delivery or collection.


Above all, our creative gift hampers are filled with smaller less expensive items as well as the sought after unique items, which make them great value for money but always designed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.


Olivia King-Boateng

Olivia King-Boateng (Founder)


Olivia is a mum, author, serial entrepreneur. She has extensive experience in the gift and home furnishings industry and passionate about business.


Olivia has always had complimentary comments for her practical and thoughtful gift creations, unique finds and beautifully wrapped presentst family and friends.


The Gift Queen was bourne out of a passion for giving gifts and the power to lift people's spirits, put a smile on their face and even move them to tears. We take a selection of interesting items and turn them into beautifully wrapped creations. It is satisfying work to surprise and delight people using your creative imagination and knowledge of the gift and homeware industry.


We take creativity to the next level by creating gift sets from a budget of as little as £25.


Why don't you browse our gallery and try us out.




There are so many opportunitie sin life to celebrate other people, whether its their birthday, anniversary, wedding etc.


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There are so many opportunitie sin life to celebrate other people, whether its their birthday, anniversary, wedding etc.